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Thank you again, everyone, for taking part in (or even just silently lurking in the dark corners of) our Promptacular Fest 2016! It's been a lot of fun, and proves there's still plenty of life and passion in the Merlin RPF fandom.

So, what mischief shall we get up to next?

Sprucing up the community

I have loved the look and feel of our community, so this is not a criticism. However, we've had some changes, the banner is MIA, and after proudly being in existence for almost eight years, it's probably time for a bit of renewal on the design front.

I am happy to do it myself, but I would also be very happy for an artist or designer to volunteer their help. You were all very kind about my Promptacular banners, but I remain an amateur in this regard.

Feel free to offer via the comments, a message, or email, and we'll talk. But I am looking to work on this fairly soon, as I have a smidgen of free time.

Mini big bang!

When I held a poll about what sort of fest or event we wanted, a prompts fest came first, but a mini big bang came close behind. So shall we give that a try...?

This is me thinking aloud:

  • I'm not really across all the other Merlin events and fests that are happening, and maybe it would be almost impossible not to conflict with something. But if anyone wants to suggest there are certain times we should avoid, please illuminate me!

  • We could run our mini bang over the latter part of this year, i.e. starting in July and posting in November, December or January.

  • Longer fills would be very welcome, but I think we could set a fairly modest minimum of 10,000 words for fic, or the equivalent kind of effort in any other type of fanwork?

  • Pairings of creators with two different types of fanwork (e.g. fic and art, dance and knitting) would be very welcome, and I'd love to help with that if I can - but maybe the invitations and offers need to be driven by the creators...? When creators sign up for the mbb, perhaps one of the items is to say whether they're interested in working with a fellow creator.

  • My intention is that this be slightly more formal than the prompt fest (e.g. creators must have a beta), but otherwise you'll have a feel already about how I run fests - and now is a good chance to make any (polite!) suggestions or requests about how this one will work!

Over to you, dear fellow fans! I'm very interested in your responses to all of the above!
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Hello, everyone!

I've had the honour of being made co-maintainer of this community, which has brought us so much joy (and fictional angst!) over the years. We're a little quieter now than we used to be, alas - though of course I do very much appreciate those of you who've kept the home fires burning.

I wondered if it was time to run a challenge or fest, to help fan those flames...? It can be as low-key and easy to participate as you wish. I'd like to see it as inclusive and welcoming as possible:

  • for rare pairs and lower profile 'characters' as well as the more popular

  • for general and character-related work as well as romantic relationships

  • for all kinds of fills, whether fiction or art or interpretive knitting and things I can't even imagine.

I have to admit that while I've maintained and moderated communities before, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to running challenges and fests. So I'll be relying on your patience! But I'm really keen to keep this community happening, and this seemed a good way of doing that.

What do you think...? Please feel free to use the comments and/or the poll to let me know!

[Poll #2038648][Poll #2038648]
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Dear people of Merlin RPFdom, what say you to a little challenge?

Something to see the year out with a bang. A little bang, perhaps? OH, I KNOW, A MINI BANG!


How about a 2000 minimum word count? Perhaps the possibility of optional collaborations between writers and artists?

Would you be in? Consider this post an expression of interest - let me know in the comments if this is something you'd like to participate in or would like to see happen. This is not an official sign-up post, but just a little poke to gauge interest.

Ideally I'd love to run it from September, closing to a December posting date.

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I thought maybe we could have an RPF-related meme going the rounds as well... :-)

Feel free to post your answers in a comment here and/or in your own journal. Mine are in a comment below! (Or will be in a minute.) I'd love to hear from all of you, too. ♥

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Remember the place where Bradley appreciating Colin's cheekbones? Later Bradley spotted some mystical creature carved into the side of the hill. Someone on YouTube identified the place. I also realise that Bradley and Colin went to a lot of places in UK filming Merlin. I got an idea - Red Push Nail Fantasy - which could be good for a Bradley/Colin RPF.

(Fake Cut)
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While doing my regular data backup, I  watched that Santiago clip shot by Bradley again (how can I miss this the first time I watched it).

Colin's cheekbones get some serious competition. Watch the clip yourself.

Colin and Santiago had different responses (or lack of) towards Bradley's comment. I see Colin's as flirting.

Seriously, we need a rpf on Bradley's cheekbone fetish, or shall we say Cheekbonetish? 

I also has another commentary clip: Accident-prone Colin Morgan.
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Hello guys!

I'm asking people what they think Bradley and Colin's (or Katie and Angel's, Katie and Bradley and Colin and Angel's) first Valentine's together will be like over at my journal. Where will they go? What would they do? How much will Bradley they fail at it?

Come and share!

Mods: can we get a discussions tag?

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So I stumbled across this article about the funniest excuses people give to skip work, and this one made me pause:

7. Employee contracted mono after kissing a mailroom intern at the company holiday party and suggested the company post some sort of notice to warn others who may have kissed him.

I'm probably a little too sleep-deprived to think straight but this just sounds like a fic prompt to me. Who is that intern? Who kissed him/her? WHERE WAS BRADLEY'S CAMERA DURING THIS?? \o/

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Jan. 4th, 2009 02:29 pm
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Extremely random but:

I keep seeing references to Bradley and ponies (in icons and just in general) and I was wondering if there some interview I missed, or something? Because I feel ridiculously out of the loop, here.
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Not sure if this has been posted here or not. I was browsing fanmail.biz, and learnt how to contact Bradley and Colin. They even share the same agent. Find more in my LJ.


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