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Mini big bang 2017

Hello, everyone! I do apologise for fumbling the ball on starting up a mini bb for the community, which I'd intended to do in the latter part of 2016.

I'd still like to go ahead, starting in mid January 2017, with posting from mid July, if you think you can make that work...?

A few points I've mostly made before:

  • Longer fills would be very welcome, but I think we could set a fairly modest minimum of 10,000 5,000 words for fic, or the equivalent kind of effort in any other type of fanwork?

  • Pairings of creators with two different types of fanwork (e.g. fic and art, dance and knitting) would be very welcome, and I'd love to help with that if I can - but maybe the invitations and offers need to be driven by the creators...? When creators sign up for the mbb, perhaps one of the items is to say whether they're interested in working with a fellow creator. (I just don't think we're a big enough community any more to be able to promise that, for all example, each fic writer will be paired with an artist. I'd be delighted to be proved wrong about.)

  • My intention is that this be slightly more formal than the prompt fest (e.g. creators must have a beta), but otherwise you'll have a feel already about how I run fests - and now is a good chance to make any (polite!) suggestions or requests about how this one will work.

If anyone with design skills could help me with a banner, that would be awesome.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts or expressions of enthusiasm. And otherwise, I promise to actually make it happen this time!

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