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You know when you have that idea for a fic but you never find the time to write it? Or when you want to write a story that's out of your safe zone and never manage to start it? Or just when you really want to read something but don't feel able to write it yourself? And let's talk about all the pieces of fics, sentences, beginnings and ends of stories that are hidden on your hard drive? Oh that super great prompt you want to put on the Kink Meme but can't because it's currently closed?

I offer you a way to give all these ideas a new life : a prompt donation!

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Although I really do love those pairings too

Do you love Merthur or Brolin but sometimes feel like you need another pairing to warm your inside? Eoin/Tom perhaps? Or Angel/Bradley? Katie/Colin? Anything but those two?

Well then this is the meme for you!

Come one and all, prompt those prompts, and write those fics or create that artwork! Enjoy yourself!
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Hello Merlin fans! I'm planning a Merlin con, which would be held in Philadelphia from August 20th-22nd (which, eeeeee! \o/). What I need from YOU lovely people is for you to fill out the following poll if you think you may come, so I can get a better idea of how many people will be at the con :D

THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE WE GET TO THE POLL: staying at the con hotel would be about $90 for the weekend, assuming 4 people per room. The con fee would be pretty equivalent to minimerlin 2.0's con fee, so about $25-ish (this would go towards paying for a con suite and possibly a pizza party on Saturday). NOTE THAT THESE ARE JUST ESTIMATES, and I need more of a solid idea of how many people are coming to solidify these numbers.

Now that that's out of the way, ON TO THE POLL!

PS Feel free to (READ: PLEASEEEE) pimp this all over the place! :D :D :D
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My last story (Keep Calm and Carry On) got a huge, wonderful, humblingly amazing response. I would normally offer up some sort of drabble fest as a thank you, but I'm deep into my Help Haiti and Big Bang, so extra fic writing is not something I'm really up to, creatively. (Woe.)

However, I'd be more than happy to do fic commentaries, so I'm offering up five different fics (four of which are Bradley/Colin). If you're interested, please go vote in this here poll to tell me what fic you'd like me to blather on about, if you'd like me to blather on at all.

Thanks, darlings. Carry on.
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Hello guys!

I'm asking people what they think Bradley and Colin's (or Katie and Angel's, Katie and Bradley and Colin and Angel's) first Valentine's together will be like over at my journal. Where will they go? What would they do? How much will Bradley they fail at it?

Come and share!

Mods: can we get a discussions tag?


Jan. 8th, 2009 10:25 pm
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I'm gauging interest in a Bradley James RPS fic challenge here if people wouldn't mind voting


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