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I have a request that relates to the annual multi-fandom exchange Remix Redux. If you don't know what Remix is then it's probably best to read their rules & information, but basically it involves you remixing someone else's story and somebody remixing a story of yours. Last year [livejournal.com profile] remixredux09 included Merlin fandom, and this year they're set to include around 40 fandoms including Merlin - but not Merlin RPF.

To be a qualifying fandom for Remix Redux there need to be a bunch of people who are planning to do Remix this year and who have each written at least 5 stories of 500 words or more (or 7 stories of 100 words or more) in that fandom. They've opened discussion about which fandoms to add in 2010 and I suggested Merlin RPF, but that request will only succeed if other participants agree with me.

So here's where you all come in! If any of you are a) planning to do participate in Remix Redux this year, and b) qualify for Merlin RPF fandom (i.e. you've written 5 stories of 500 words or more, or 7 stories of 100 words or more, by the start of signups) and you'd like to see Merlin RPF added to the list then please chime in on the post about qualifying fandoms .

If you're not planning to write for Remix Redux and/or haven't written enough Merlin RPF stories to qualify then please do not comment on that post. The Remix mods are trying to gauge opinion amongst writers who'll be doing Remix Redux this year so that they know if there will be enough participants in a given fandom to match up with each other. Comments from non-participants would confuse matters & might cause big problems later on.
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In 2x08 commentary, Bradley did a very good impression of Emilia Fox doing spells. Later they joked that Colin should make his spells more interesting. Bradley also mentioned some inside joke involving dancing around the room, jumping on furniture. (around 1:20 of the vid below)

vid and fic request under cut )
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If this isn’t allowed, I’ll delete it.

Does anyone know where I can possible get my hands on/watch online the movie that Bradley James is in called Dis/connected. I live in Australia so BBC 3 doesn’t work for me and I’m absolutely dying to see it.

Thank you for anyhelp and sorry if this is not allowed
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After enjoying all the beautiful stories over here for a long time, I wish to offer my humble contribution with a Bradley/Colin fanfiction, but since English is not my mother tongue I’m in desperate need of a beta that is very strong in English grammar.
I’ve been writing fanfictions in English for several years now (some samples are on my old lj loll_3000) and I’ve read and re-read this one endless times but, still, I’m sure there are several form and grammar mistakes and inaccuracies so... pretty please?

The fic is ¼ angst, ¼ humour, ¼ fluff and ¼ smut. Mix all together, shake and there you have it!

Your can replay here and tell me where I can send the file or write me at webbykk(at)hotmail(dot)com or loll_3000(at)email(dot)it.

You’ll have my eternal gratitude and you can ask me an icon or, if you can wait, a photomanipulation.



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