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In 2x08 commentary, Bradley did a very good impression of Emilia Fox doing spells. Later they joked that Colin should make his spells more interesting. Bradley also mentioned some inside joke involving dancing around the room, jumping on furniture. (around 1:20 of the vid below)

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While doing my regular data backup, I  watched that Santiago clip shot by Bradley again (how can I miss this the first time I watched it).

Colin's cheekbones get some serious competition. Watch the clip yourself.

Colin and Santiago had different responses (or lack of) towards Bradley's comment. I see Colin's as flirting.

Seriously, we need a rpf on Bradley's cheekbone fetish, or shall we say Cheekbonetish? 

I also has another commentary clip: Accident-prone Colin Morgan.
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Since it was mentioned first here earlier and people were asking for video links if they came up.
I figured there might be people like myself who still had not seen the utter joy that is Kitty Colin
and I found it online today so...might as well share the love(the tail kills me...and the "timelord" coat of infinate space)

I'm a horrid writer but someone MUST write about Colin kitty, it's asking for it soooo badly!

As my friend put it when I asked if I could have kitty!Colin as a pet "NO, YOU CAN'T. Even kitty!Colin belongs to Bradley; you have to ask him if you can play with his pet first!"

Kitty Colin under here )

so hope this is okay to post, and that it helps being some holiday joy to all...and Kitty Colin/ Bradley


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