ext_127718 ([identity profile] mrs-leary.livejournal.com) wrote in [community profile] merlinrpf2017-01-01 12:53 pm

Mirror community on Dreamwidth...?

Hello, everyone, and happy new year! I trust that your 2017 is peaceful and preposterous.

Given the move of LiveJournal content to servers in Russia (not exactly known for being LGBTQ-friendly!) and with the thought that it would be wise to have a back-up / mirror site anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about me creating a Merlin RPF community on Dreamwidth and importing our content there.

I have to say that while I have a mrs_leary account over there, I don't really know my way around. But better to get used to something extra than run the risk of losing everything...?

I had a quick look around, but couldn't find an exisitng community along the same lines. I might have completely missed it, though, so feel free to tell me if so!

Also, feel free to tell me if there's a better alternative... It's times like this that I wish AO3 wasn't only an archive!

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] clo makes a fair point. It's probable that I'll do this, and at some point import all our content. There is no way to really filter content in an import - it's either all posts or none. Which includes all fic posted directly to the community. If any authors have a problem with that, please contact me via the comments or a message. We're all about preserving the content, but I realise that might not suit everyone. 

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